Our Toddler program focuses on creating a nurturing environment where children feel safe, secure and supported while developing confidence and independence in their emerging abilities.

We respect the routines established by our families and work hand in hand with them to create the best possible experience for our children.

Our Educators will gain a deep understanding of each child’s unique personality, backgrounds and interests and plan specific play-based learning opportunities catered to each child’s individual learning needs. Learning opportunities are provided to build on and extend each child’s emerging intellectual, social, emotional, physical and language skills.

Without undercutting the importance of what is being learnt, we always remain aware of short young attention spans and the need to always incorporate fun and play into the process.

Even the youngest of children are provided with opportunities to extend their learning through their interests, and enjoy many art and music based activities.

We provide clear and regular communications about your child’s progress, routine and activities using Storypark. 

Central to our warm and caring environment are the close relationships we maintain with all of our children and their families. Clear and consistent communication is key and we enjoy every opportunity to share in your child’s growth and progress at Fitzgibbon Early Learning and at home.

We encourage children to become confident and involved learners as they explore, experiment and investigate throughout every day.